First fully immersive VR audiovisual generative art on the ethereum blockchain.

What are Beatboxes ?

Beatboxes are the first fully immersive, virtual reality, audiovisual generative art on the Ethereum blockchain. Beatboxes consist of 841 generated unique rooms where you can fully immerse yourself with any virtual reality device. You can also enjoy them from your pc in a more conventional way. Beatboxes are our second experimental piece of art, following the successful release of Unigrids. The goal with this collection was to create an environment where you can escape your reality for a moment and enjoy your unique piece of art while stimulating the most senses possible. You can open your eyes inside your unique art piece and explore by looking around and listening as you enjoy something you own. Check out a Beatbox or two and make sure to leave a comment on Twitter with which piece and feature you like the most!

Full collection here (VR ready) Where to purchase a Beatboxes

How do i get Beatboxes?

There will only ever be 841 Beatboxes, so make sure to grab your favorites while you can! Beatboxes are NFTs (non-fungible tokens), so once all are minted, they can be traded, sold, or gifted on the blockchain. After you mint a Beatboxes, the value is entirely market-driven so the limited supply, uniqueness, and personal artistic style all may play a factor in a particular Beatboxes appeal. You could choose to keep your Beatboxes as part of your personal collection, or sell your Beatboxes on a secondary market. Beatboxes also make great gifts as they are truly one-of-a-kind! Gift your friend or family member a part of history that they can enjoy like nothing else on the market.

The Story

Back in January 2021, we launched our very first NFT project, Unigrids. Since that launch, a lot has happened! Unigrids were featured in a Sothebys auction and received widespread attention in the NFT community. Many people have shown interest in Unigrids and the technology of our work, which is exactly what we hoped from the start. That's why we have decided to work on our new innovative piece, Beatboxes. It was just after Guillaume was looking at Oculus VR devices for his son's birthday that we came up with the idea of doing a full immersive generative art. We understood that they would not be that suitable for conventional media like canvas or prints, but we really believed that the future will bring us many more ways to enjoy and experience art. This project was definitely challenging, but we are very happy that we managed to complete it and can now present it to the world. We hope that you enjoy Beatboxes as much, if not more, than our first creation, Unigrids.

The Technology

Beatboxes are a completely new art experience. We are making it our mission to always push boundaries of what has been done before. So with this project, we created the first audiovisual immersive generative art experience. Beatboxes utilize Aframe which is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences. We believe that we are among the first to build a generative art project with it. We have also added more advanced beats than were featured in Unigrids (as they were the first ever) by utilizing Web Audio Api. All the beats are once again 100% on-chain. Everything is also, once again, tied together with a pure javascript algorithm to produce each unique Beatbox.

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