Audio-Sensitive Generative Art NFTs, 100% on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What are Sensthesia ?

Sensthesia are a generative on-chain audiovisual collection of 469 artworks comprised of 9 different traits and using ambient sounds from your own microphone as input (whether from footsteps in a hallway, music at an event, or a conversation amongst friends), Sensthesia is a dynamic visual artwork. It further bridges the gap between physical and digital spaces. In influencing the artwork, the artwork can re-influence the viewer, creating a feedback loop and blurring the line between art, artist, and viewer. Engage with the artwork often — no two experiences are the same. The work is intended to bring interactivity to any environment in which it lives.

Mint a Sensthesia Here See all the rarities here (not long after mint)

How do i get Sensthesia?

The sale will take place on December 14th at 1 PM EDT. It will be a Dutch auction lasting 50 minutes with a starting price of 1.42 ETH and a final price of .269 ETH. The prices will be (1.42 - 1.2 - 1.00 - 0.869 - 0.777 - 0.69 - 0.55 - 0.45 - 0.38 - 0.32 - 0.269) descending every 5 minutes.

There will be a rebate mechanism — collectors will pay the price of the last Sensthesia piece sold. For example, if a buyer purchases their Sensthesia NFT at 1 ETH during the Dutch auction and the Dutch auction ends at .4 ETH, they will receive a rebate of .6 ETH in the following days.

Unigrids and Beatboxes collectors will receive a 25% discount and will be able to mint during the Dutch auction. The discount will be included as part of the auction’s rebate mechanism.

Part of the collection is reserved for Fingerprints members, who can claim one NFT each during the first 30 minutes of the minting period. If you are a Fingerprints member and intend to mint, please react to the pinned post in the Fingerprints Discord #members-lounge channel.

The Technology

Sensthesia was fully created in JavaScript with no external libraries. As such, the generative art fits fully on-chain. Combining this with the art’s live visual nature, Sensthesia juxtaposes the concepts of permanence and impermanence. The outputs are canvas, chosen over SVG for performance purposes. This allows for the synchronization of the visuals with the ambient sounds as input, using a FFT (fast Fourier transform) to extract frequency values and assign them to the art to create movements. All you need to live the Sensthesia experience is a device with internet access, a web browser, and a connected microphone.

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